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On March 14th I became unemployed as a Massage Therapist for the first time in 33 years (actually 33 years THIS MONTH). And like so many small businesses, I am having to re-invent myself for both financial - and mental health reasons. Thankfully I have a lot of skills and more than enough wellness and self care knowledge from my lifetime of learning. Which of course I would like to share with you. To that end I have created an on-line class (and there is a learning curve I am climbing here - so please bear with me).

Self Care & Wellness In Strange Times
5 Classes for $35*

Each class covers simple exercises routines, self care tips and a guided meditation or other relaxation technique.
Classes may be purchased:

 with a personal check payable to Lynlee Bischoff
and mailed to my home office @
107 Coshow Avenue, B'ville OR 97327

by utilizing a VENMO account (under Lynlee Bischoff)

Once purchased classes can be accessed via a link sent your email address (please be sure to give me your email!)

Questions? I'm here for call/text.
(541) 650-1932

Therapeutic Massage:
3o minutes - $35
60 minutes - $70
90 minutes - $105